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Copper Plating Tanks Manufacturer

We are recognised Copper Plating Tanks manufacturer and suppliers from Gujarat. We use top quality raw materials and Advanced technology for manufacturing Copper Plating Tanks. Copper Plating Galvanoline copper offers high performance copper plating tanks for gravurecylinders. With unique adaptor design, it can handle both shafted and hollow cylinders. Built with best materials and vast experience, tanks are long life andlow maintenance.


  • 60% Imersion for high current flow
  • Polypropylene tanks with high storage capacity, solution rotation flow 15000 / Lph.
  • Working amp range is from 20 - 25 amp/dm² using standard hardness additives.
  • Easy operation for cleaning of anode and basket
  • Offers both Vertical & Horizontal anode baskets
  • Optional : Copper Separator Unit.
  • Heating & Cooling systems for temperature control.
  • 1 µ Cartridge filter system with 7 candles.
  • Optional : carbon filter unit user friendly
  • PLC operated machine with fully automatic calculation and control of all parameters.