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Hard Chrome Plating Tanks Manufacturers & Suppliers

Hetal Gravotech is prominent hard chrome plating tanks manufacturers in India. Galvanoline chrome is very robust & reliable chrome plating line, tank body is made of single plate titanium body to increase plating efficiency and quality. CHROME We offer titanium anode with platinum coating.

Features of Chrome Plating Tanks

  • 60% Imersion for high current flow.
  • Fully titanium body for long life.
  • Working current for 50 - 55 amp/dm²
  • Heating & Cooling circulation for solution of temperature.
  • User friendly PLC.
  • High performance and long life
  • Scrubber & blower system for fume control with automatic spray system.
  • Titanium anode with platinum coating.
  • Remote maintenance via modem.