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Since last 10 years Hetal Gravoteh becomes one of the best Nickel Plating Tank manufacturers due to it's superior quality products. Technical engineers at Hetal Gravotech are engaged in manufacturing top quality Nickel Plating Bath. Nickel electroplating is a process of accumulating nickel on a base cell; that uses an electrical current to coat a conductive material with using raw materials such as copper, zinc, chromium, Nickel, stainless steel, and platinum.


Tank Type: HGNI / HGDCH
Operating System: Manual / Automatic
Plating Length: 1300/1800/2200 m.m.
Plating Diameter: 120-350dia. Max.
Immersion: 1/2
Current: 12 amp./dm sq.
Current Transfer: Carbon
Anode Adjustment: Fix Anode Baskets / Moveable Anode Baskets